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Tokyo Pulse / Eye Shades

  • * Made from polyester.
    * Black coloured nose flap to limit light entering.
    * Secured by elastic band round back of head.
    * Machine washable.

    Catching some well deserved sleep on the road may not always be the most comfortable with bright lights at different time zones. Compact, easy to care for and a must have staple travel accessory, the Tokyo Pulse eye shade sleeping mask will ensure you get that rest whenever you need it!

    " With the effortless fusion of traditional and modern. Tokyo is an urban jungle where imagination thrives. As I alighted from the labyrinth known as Tokyo metro, I stood still in the middle of Ginza while the chaos swallowed me. Fast cars, flashing lights, the never ending buzzing of people. Is that Godzilla I see looming high above? No, It’s just a reflection. I would come up for air but I am above ground. I let loose, wander and Let the rhythm of the pulse take over. This piece is for you, the one who lives for the feeling of solitude amongst the poetic chaos of unchartered territory. " - Jase King

Collections: Other Accessories

Type: Sleeping Mask

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