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Wanderlust Signature Scarf

  • * Made from Cotton/Silk, which allows manipulation of fabric that can carry from day to night. The cotton blend gives it a crisp feel that would hold shape, which makes great for turbans and head wear. The silk blend gives a soft and silky touch to the skin. Wear it crushed for a casual cool vibe or iron it flat to drape on you luxuriously.
    * Extra Large Sized for versatility that can be worn in various ways.

Back Story

" To all the free spirits. Students of the universe. You define travel by your own terms and have an insatiable longing for exploring new lands. You crave to learn, appreciate and try everything that presents itself along roads less travelled. Getting lost is ok. Not everyone gets you and that’s perfectly fine. Standing still? What’s that? This special piece is dedicated to you. May you always journey to see the world the way it was always meant to." - Jase King

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