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Tibetan Dreams Iphone Case

  • * Plastic matte printed phone cases.
    * Precisely aligned holes match your device functions, to protect it from bumps and scratches.

    Keep your selfie game strong as you style your phone for every occasion. Easily assembled to elevate your phone, Tibetan Dreams Iphone case snugs perfectly. Available in four popular sizes.

    " I recall catching glimpses of beautiful yak fur fluttering in the dusty winds, during six-hour car rides everyday. I relished in lofty Himalayan peaks, including the worlds highest, Mt Everest. Images of coloured prayer flags, stupas and mystical buddhist monasteries surprised me when I was least expecting them. Watching the sherpas herd their furry beasts in their intricate attire, as spiritual pilgrims pray with their bellies pressed against the stony earth chanting their mantras close by. 
    This piece is made from one of my personal favourite images ever captured.
    May it always ignite a sense of magic and adventure within you. " - Jase King

Type: Iphone Case

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