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The Toreadors Iphone Case

  • * Plastic matte printed phone cases.
    * Precisely aligned holes match your device functions, to protect it from bumps and scratches.

    Keep your selfie game strong as you style your phone for every occasion. Easily assembled to elevate your style, The Toreadors Iphone case snugs perfectly. Available in four popular sizes. 

    " I was in Awe of the costumes and the pageantry of the toreadors. I understood the deep-rooted cultural sport it represented and also why it is ending, here in Madrid. On route travelling and exploring of new places, it is often that one us surprised. I remind myself, what is crazy to some may be perfectly normal to others and to always keep an open mind. This piece represents diversity. We have to respect differences, after all isn't this what makes us all unique? " 
    - Jase King

Type: Iphone Case

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