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Maldivian Transit Signature Scarf

  • * Each piece is hand cut and hand sewn in 100% Pure Silk.
    * Luxuriously soft and silky in vibrant colours.
    * Versatile piece that can be worn in various ways.

Back Story

" Photographed while in transit in Male in the Maldives, it is often overlooked while we are waiting to arrive at our destination to get from one point to another, the surprises that may hold while in transit. Delays, re-routing of plans and missing of connecting flights leaves most people drained and weary of travelling to far away places. If you leave and explore a little no matter how short the time, there will be sights, sounds and smells that pleasantly awake the soul. This piece is for the frequent traveller that understands that it is truly about the journey and a few undetermined pit stops along the way just makes it more interesting with more stories to tell when arrive home. "- Jase King

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