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Jumping With Maasai Zip Hoodie

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Size Guide For Zipped Hoodie

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  • * All over printed hoodie with zip front.
    * A pocket on each side of the zip.
    * Constructed of extremely soft fabric
       Polyester 94% / Spandex 6%
    * Tapered neck and shoulders
    * Machine washable; tumble dry low.

    " As I traversed the mud and dung homes, I see a single rock where circumcision is conducted when one comes of age, but that's not the reason why I am here. As the Towering Massai tribe approached, their orange and red robes flutter enigmatically behind them with each stride. With some English, the chief passed his wooden stick to me and say said jump with us. With a swish, the chief's son removed his robe and flung it on my back and tied a loose knot on my chest. 
    I jumped, I jumped and I jumped! I was smiling ear to ear and it was at this moment I felt securely grounded to the Earth land and returned to being the inner little boy that once was " - Jase King

Collections: Hoodies & Sweaters

Type: Zip Hoodie

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