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Iridescence Pocket Square

  • Fabric - Silk Satin

    These luxurious pocket squares are easily styled by popping one into any coat or jacket pocket. They are versatile and can portray different elements of the pattern depending on your mood. The colour varies according to the shapes you create. This is the one simple accessory that elevates any basics.

    " Photographed in Seam Reap Cambodia, the dragonfly has been a subject of intrigue all across the world and with each civilisation, they have developed a unique meaning to what it means to them. In certain cultures it is believed that dragonflies were in fact once upon a time, dragons. Depending on the angle of light that falls on it, the iridescence on its body, creates different colours. This ability is often seen as, the removal of doubt and unmasking the real self within. My this piece enhance your ability to remove inhibitions on your journey to self discovery. " - Jase King

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