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Indigo Kingdom Pocket Square

  • Fabric - Silk Satin

    These luxurious pocket squares are easily styled by popping one into any coat or jacket pocket. They are versatile and can portray different elements of the pattern depending on your mood. The colour varies according to the shapes you create. This is the one simple accessory that elevates any basics.

    " Kathmandu is one of three kingdoms that is rich in culture and traditions. It is here that every 10 years, a goddess is carried in an ornate palanquin through the streets, where legends and reality merge as one. The colour indigo is the colour of perception and higher mind when used in meditation and introspection. With stupas abound, where the pilgrims commute here to meditate, it is a cosmic synergy to merge the colour and the city as one. This piece if for the spiritual travellers who travel to get a deeper introspection of themselves and to find a higher meaning through meditation. " - Jase King

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