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Cusco Gusto Macbook Pro 13",15",17" Cover

  • * Made of light-weight and water resistant neoprene.
    * It has a double zipper, thick padded edges for added protection.
    * The same print is printed on both sides of the cover.

    Our fashionable Macbook Pro covers, comes in three popular sizes. Protect and house your computer in our snug, 
    double-sided printed laptop cover made from ultra-lightweight black neoprene that prevents surface damage. 
    You will never again have to worry about scratches ever again!

    " Out of the corner of my eye I catch sight of an interesting figure perched alone on a bench. Her elfish ethereal features was unlike anything that I'd ever seen before. She was in her own fantasy world, day dreaming and occasionally smirking, with her sight glazed far away in the distance. She must have caught me looking at her. She glanced at me, smiled and continued to look into the distance. I waved back but I don't think she saw me. I just thought to myself, what a charismatic women! "
    Photographed in Cusco Peru - Jase King

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