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Crowned Crane / Eye Shades

  • * Made from polyester.
    * Black coloured nose flap to limit light entering.
    * Secured by elastic band round back of head.
    * Machine washable.

    You can look extra and not pedestrian in our eye shades! You longer have to be bothered by the other passengers who leave their sliding windows up on the airplane. Rest in comfort knowing we are protecting your eyes from the harsh sunlight. 

    " Photographed on a Safari near Nairobi, Amongst all the other pastels the two primary features is the colour black and white. This white portion is my homage and respect to the indigenous and the people who have lived there, The black portion is a nod to the explorer or traveller arriving. When worn, this piece represents harmony as both sides co-exist with balance to each other. " - Jase King

Collections: Other Accessories

Type: Sleeping Mask

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