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And Thus The Journey Begins

And Thus The Journey Begins

Salutations Everyone, 
I am extremely excited to announce the launch of the online boutique!
It has been a long time coming from the day It was conceptualised to now, when it is available to be purchased worldwide. I will use this blog to showcase signature items, news and upcoming fashion pieces. You will also read about our future plans, our product launches around the world, collaborations and updates on contests that will be held periodically throughout the year. I would like to encourage you to subscribe to us here and follow us on social media as there are some exciting things happening and all will be revealed! 
VaiggiByJaseKing is the amalgamation of fashion, travel and photography. Each piece is first carefully photographed after traversing somewhere in the world. All my designs derive from an image that I have taken or that I will take to create the base for my prints, which gives Viaggi it's signature style.  

The scarves are not simple “captures” of a static image. You will never see one of my scarves sporting the Eiffel tower or the Empire State Building! Rather, they tell of an intimate moment that I would like to share with my Viaggi crowd. 


 "I traveled by car from Kathmandu Nepal to Lhasa Tibet, traversing through the less ventured route, in hope to capture unexpected and rare visuals that resonate with me. It was daily car rides for about 8 hours where you would not meet any other soul than whoever who was in the car with me. I would stop the car in spurts when something caught my eye. Shortly after I took that photo of the multi coloured flags against the backdrop of the Himalayas, I attained the dreaded altitude sickness. It was mentioned to me that there are two kinds of that horrid ailment. One that affects the chest and the other the brain, the latter happens to be fatal and the one I had gotten. We had loaded 4 bottles of oxygen in the car at the beginning of our journey, but unbeknownst to me, they had already been consumed by the driver and guide that traveled with me. I was advised that the nearest hospital was 3 days away by car, so I gritted my teeth through the longest night as the pounding in my skull continued incessantly. I would describe it as constant knocking by a hammer, on the same part that would not go away no matter what I did to try to ease the pain. I dozed off for 30 minutes but it would be a fool to think that would cure it. At the break of dawn, when we could see the pit holes on the rocky crevasses, we manoeuvred around them, on our way down the mountain. As sudden as the pounding surfaced, it dissipated the same way. Now whenever I see that image, I am reminded of what I had to go through to attain it. "

 -An except of my diary entry of how the Tibetan Dreams scarf print came to be. 

On that note, I would like to say thank you for coming by.
Like I promised, I will share more soon.
Until then, safe travels and look stylish doing so.
Drawn by Carol Li from an image in our Instagram account. 
( Me wearing the bespoke Tibetan Dreams Jacket & Pocket Square )

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