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About Us

About Us



 Welcome to our online boutique of designed and curated conversation starters for your everyday life!

We create statement pieces because life is about being bold, being authentic and having an empowered point of view. All of our pieces are representative of a different culture, represented through our range of wanderlust inspired products that we know that you will treasure and enjoy! 
Here at Viaggi By Jase King, we design for everybody as we believe style and fashion should be inclusive, not exclusive.
We acknowledge and appreciate that everyone should be free to be whoever they want to be, no matter where you are from, your gender, race or age. 

We want to be part of your journey.   

The creation begins somewhere across the world, as Jase photographs that fleeting moment that is raw and intimate.
The discovery of a hidden path less ventured, or a portrait of an enigmatic stranger. A precious standstill in time otherwise lost forever.
He honours the surroundings taking in colours, aromas, feeling and touch of the place,
building the storyline while writing it all down inside his travel journal.
The designs continues finally back in Paris,
with the all chosen imagery along with the detailed notes to create the designs. 
It is here that our unique and original prints are born.

Our carefully curated lifestyle goods emphasise on creating conversation starters, while uncompromising in style and design.
Through these statement pieces we hope to create an open dialogue about the beauty of the world that we all share. Our movement is about embracing all cultures and differences while knocking down labels and stereotypes.
Travelling opens up our eyes to knowledge and experience and armed with that, we have the power for change. We invite you to join our revolution without guns and bullets.  This is what our world needs today. 
Our products transcend any trends and seasons because we are a lifestyle and to own our pieces means you believe in our vision for the world.




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